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About Us


The Restaurant

Kobams Grill is a traditional African Caribbean restaurant, bar located  North West of San Antonio.
The menu is designed to reflect  homely, hearty and rustic food that’s quintessentially West African, Caribbean, and prepared using only the very best quality ingredients.

The menu contains numerous African Caribbean classics including Jollof Rice/Ofada/Coconut Rice, Egusi/Ogbono/Okra/Groundnut/Edikang-Ikong Soup, Nkwobi, Peppered Goat/Gizzard/Chicken/Lamb Meats, Beef/Chicken/Lamb Suya, Goat/Chicken/Shrimp/Oxtail/Lamb Curry, Jamaican Jerk Chicken/Shrimp/Pork/Oxtail, Rasta Pasta Chicken/Shrimp, Jamaican Beef Patty and as well as a whole host of grilled meats and fish.

We wish you a pleasant stay and Enjoy !!!


Our Kitchen

Kobams Grill offers a comprehensive menu of long established classical African & Caribbean dishes, delectable comfort food & exotic contemporary creations, prepared to the highest standard in a modern culinary style.

We uniquely ensure that these sophisticated creations are only prepared by skilled regional chefs from the region of the dishes origin and presented with exciting modern flair.


The extraordinary tastes and flavors from the palaces and gourmet homes of several regions of West Africa are refined and adapted, along with a selection of the best of street food. Our spices are sourced directly from the best spice producers in Africa/Caribbean regions combined with the best local ingredients.


The flavors and nuances are individually inspired, thereby offering the very best of traditional or classic African Caribbean cuisines, cooked and conjured in a modern culinary style.

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