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“Everything was sooooo good, I couldn't stop saying "mmmmmm" and doing my happy food dance.”

Yelp/Eat24_Aziza K!

“Egusi soup, goat meat, pounded yam, and a malt... Yummy”

Yelp review-Ta'Kori H!

"Love love love love love this place. Highly recommended to go for REAL AUTHENTIC Nigerian food. The egusi soup and pounded yam are my favorite 👍👌🤗"

Google Review

Amazing flavors that stayed with me long after we left. Chef explained dishes in detail and provided suggestions that did not let us down! Beef Suya was superb!!!! A must have if you like spicy and extremely complex flavors that leave you wanting more. Plantains cooled to perfection reminded me of growing up years and could not get enough! A definite treasure to have in our city and will absolutely be returning!!!!!”

Yelp/Eat 24-Bethany

"This food was absolutely delicious!!! I ordered the jollof rice with goat meat and fried plantains. As I ate, I did my happy food dance. I also cried a little from the spiciness, but other reviewers had warned of this, so I was prepared - I really wanted to try something different! The goat meat was tender - I've had goat meat before, and some places make it very tough. The chef at Kobams knows how to cook goat meat. 
The portions are HUGE!!! I'll be having jollof rice for the next couple of days!!!
Another reviewer mentioned that they seemed to only have bottled drinks. I have to confirm this - asking for water got me bottles water, which was fine.
The staff was very friendly, coming out often to check on customers. 
I absolutely plan on going back to sample more of the menu!!!!


"The plantain is beautiful and plentiful, these are maduros at home, very tasty addition to the meal. The grilled chicken has a delicate layer of flavor as well. The skin is crispy, and the meat is tender and juicy. It's a leg quarter, my fave. Jr's beef reminds me of a guisado, the meat is firm but not too so. 
The amount of food on our platters certainly indicates leftovers happily. More folks pour in as I do my best to burn thru this meal. As I reflect, it occurs to me suddenly why the food feels so familiar. There is a pervasive African influence throughout the Caribbean. This is the root of the cuisine I grew up on. 
I say give it a shot. This place gets two thumbs up. Put aside your harried existences for an hour or so and relax over this meal. Taste the ancients!"


"So different from anything else in the area! Very friendly and informative staff. Took the ma out for her bday and we got the vegetable soup as well as the jollof rice with a whole grilled tilapia! Highly recommend. Love everything! Even the music is authentic African music and makes the atmosphere feel that much more fun!"

Facebook Review_Doug Smith!