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Est. 2015

African Caribbean restaurant

Made With Love. Simply Delicious

Kobams Grill is the ultimate African & Caribbean cuisine experience in San Antonio with our exclusive foods & drinks. Enjoy a delicious meal from our authentic African foods or indulge with a gourmet from our fantastic Caribbean style menu guaranteed to satisfy your hunger. 

We also do carry out so you can enjoy our delicious meals in the comfort of your own homes.

We look forward to cooking for you


Freshly Made African
Caribbean Cuisine

Innovative homemade dishes and heart-warming classics are lovingly prepared on the premises by our chefs on a daily basis. The food is made from scratch with an emphasis on taking simple ingredients and elevating them to extraordinary levels, that’s our version of ‘African Caribbean Cuisine’.

We aim to work with local suppliers and small businesses, sourcing organic ingredients, whenever possible as we feel this will benefit all of us in the long run.

Our food caters to everyone’s tastes, needs and pockets

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